Blogging While Brown treat: The JOBA Group

What’s up fam,

You will be getting slightly dated feedback/analysis from yours truly regarding the super excellent Blogging While Brown Conference that took place in Chicago about a week and a half back. As stated in my title, one of the real gems from BWB was one Curtis Baker, founder of the blog (and movement) known as The JOBA (Joint Organization of Black America) Group: a group of progressive Americans seeking to organize on a national scale for the benefit of our institutions, communities, and families. I met Curtis over lunch and we broke bread about the dilemma regarding how expanded broadband access is useless unless people (Black people) learn to use the internet as an educational and professional tool and not just to check social media/gossip sites. We talked about other things as well but I don’t want to scoop myself or him over future posts. Just know that he is a good brother and he is in a word…sharp. Here is an excerpt from the blog, Brandon w/JOBA group shirtPhoto 8

A financial clone is the ability to match your current disposable income through short/long term means while stressing the emphasis on saving and establishing wealth. That definition seemed to be what I was looking for, however impractical. But, how was I going to achieve it?

I determined that a great way to do this is to make my disposable income work harder while minimizing the time lent maintaining it. These types of opportunities occur in the forms of stock purchasing, 401K investment, high yield CD’s, etc. I chose to purchase stock.

While we were talking over lunch, I noticed the name of his website on the sleeve of his polo. So then I’m like “Man, that’s crazy!!” What made it cool wasn’t so much that he had a polo with his blog on it but that the logo and website was very small and very tasteful so it wasn’t gaudy. He went on to tell me how he uses the shirts to spread the word about the site and also engage his readers.

After lunch there was another workshop and it was then that out of the blue Curtis offered me my very own Joba Group polo!!! It was wrapped in plastic and very crispy.  So here is a SuperSpade shout out to Curtis and the JOBA Group for holding it down for Black people and the progressive movement. Stay up bro and thank you sincerely for the shirt, it fits perfectly and the quality is impeccable.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q. Photo 7


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4 responses to “Blogging While Brown treat: The JOBA Group”

  1. Curtis Baker says :

    Thanks for the love, Brandon! Enjoy the gift! I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

  2. Gem2001 says :

    Where’s my POLO? I didn’t get a parting gift 🙂 I am glad y’all connected at the conference. That’s why we hold it !

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