A thought experiment re: justice and money

What’s up fam,

I have thought experiment that I have mulled around for a while now. For full disclosure, I am enamored by the work of Philosopher John Rawls and his theory of creating justice from “behind the veil.” So here it goes. Tomorrow morning, you turn on the news to find out that some super computer virus has deduced everyone’s bank accounts to zero. Let’s also assume that there is no way verify the bank account balance before the computer virus attack. To be sure, I am talking about governments, corporations, and individuals…everybody.

How world would rebuild from such scenario says much about how much about how we as a society think about justice. Just think about it, how do you think society would reorganize itself. I know some people are thinking, “They could look at paystubs, newspaper clips, etc. Be that as it may, who gets to justify what form of proof is sufficient? Whose word is most trustworthy? In other words, who gets the set the rules? Here are some more thoughts for you.

How would governments go about evaluating the health of their economy, debt, trade relations, etc? What would be fair?

And assuming governments establish themselves first, how would you want the government to restore and/or distribute the country’s wealth? What would be just?

What part of your identity, if any would feel undermined? Is it possible that you would feel liberated (at least temporarily) from trying to keep up with the rat race of earning more and spending more?

Would you try to justify receiving more money than you were entitled to?

Assuming that things got back to normal 1 day later, what would you appreciate more, if anything?

I hope some of these questions helped you evaluate what you truly value now. Please post your reactions in the comments section. Just my thoughts,

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

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4 responses to “A thought experiment re: justice and money”

  1. Brandon says :

    Isnt that some of what happened after Katrina?

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    @B, I would have to disagree. Though the government was slow on the draw, it was very clear that class played a huge role in allowing some people to mitigate their losses.

  3. Isidro Cadoy says :

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