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Color Me Blind

On a lighter note, I got this video via email today, and it would be even funnier less sad if I didn’t see it play out in real life so often.

Enjoy this in the spirit of Black History Month programs everywhere.

One Love. One II.

Double Bubble Trouble in California Primaries

It appears that 94,000 votes that were cast in California by Decline-To-State voters in the Democratic primary are in danger of not being counted: not by any fault of the voters themselves, but due to unnecessarily confusing ballot design.

Why the hell do we make voting so difficult if it's something that we want everyone to do? I don't understand this. In this election season, where Democrats are seeing voters participate in caucuses and primaries in record numbers, I would expect they would want to do everything in ther power to have the newly-energized Democratic electorate not be disenfranchisd. Instead, this ballot, which undoubtedly was approved by somebody, has the strong stench of voter suppression lingering around it.

Do Something! Make sure every vote counts this February, this November, and beyond.

Michelle Obama and relationships

This message is dedicated to the fellas. No matter who you support to be President of the United States, you must admit that Michelle Obama is the type of woman you want to marry. She embodies the idea that beside every great man is a great woman. To be sure, there are women like Michelle Obama all across the country but men by and large find ways to mess things up. I compiled a list of what men do wrong that end up leaving women like Michelle Obama from finding their Barack.

1) We think that we have to be “established” before we can truly settle down in a serious relationship leaning towards marriage. This extends to work, graduate school, etc.

2) We wait too long to propose.

3) We put more emphasis on our bank account than our character.

4) We don’t get women on the come up, in other words, we try to wait until the flower is in full bloom before we make the pursuit and by that time, it is probably too late. For the brothers that went to undergrad, you know there are some women that you know you should have tried to step to but now you look stupid because you thought you could wait until you both finished graduate school.

5) We expect women to compromise their dreams for the relationship before we are willing to compromise ours.

6) We too often play the “You should already know how I feel” card. Man up and say what you have to say.

7) We use our work life as an emotional shield.

8. We delay talking to somebody (a professional) to better understand our approach towards women and relationships.

9) We rely too much on the numerical odds. Just because the odds favor educated Black men doesn’t mean that it is easy to find and maintain love. Don’t be the guy that makes Black women swear off Black men.

10) Be the woman you want to marry. In other words, if you want your wife to be saved and sanctified, then be saved and sanctified. If you want your wife to be in shape, then be in shape. The list continues but you get my point.

Now hopefully, if you are a guy and this post made you twinge a little….good. Make the change because this Valentine’s Day, there will be millions of women like Michelle Obama who are waiting for brothers like you to step up.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

Distinctions without Differences & Protective Imitation

Cross-posted at the Brave New Films Blog.

Primaries are about differentiation. Differences in the candidates' records; differences in the candidates' policy positions; differences in the candidates' ideologies. Well, at least they should be. Sadly, the more and more (or less and less) I watch/listen to political dialogue and commentary about these Presidential primaries and this upcoming Presidential election, I'm hearing a vague message of "change" that is doing little to concretely differentiate the candidates or further this country's dilapidated political discourse.

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Research. Think. Vote.

People, if you live in a state that has a caucus or a primary today, please do two things for me:

  1. Research.
  2. Think.
  3. Vote.


Where do candidates stand in the issues? exclude their party, gender, or race from the equation. What issues are important to you? Research the issues themselves, determine your position on those issues, and then examine each candidate’s position. If they align with yours, you are one step closer to voting for them.


What will the people running for president do to improve your day-to-day life? What are their positions. Again, exclude their party, gender, or race from the equation and focus on your personal needs and issues that you and your family face today.


Participate by taking step one in the process of civic engagement. Beyond voting, stay involved and educated on issues and policies that effect you. If you’re a teacher, at least learn about education policy. If you’re in manufacturing, at least learn about labor issues. At least one issue applies to everyone.

Please get beyond voting republican because you don’t like gay marraige. Please get beyond voting for Obama because he’s young and Black. Please get beyond voting for Clinton because she’s a woman who happens to be Bills wife. The time for this immature, non-issue, non-policy, non-concrete approach to politics is over, and I would have killed it earlier if I could have. We need to really, really understand who we’re voting for, why we’re voting for them, and what they will do for us. Political discussions must drill down from the level of broad generalities about “change” coming from Republicans and Democrats into the not-so-sexy but oh-so-important details that will alter how you live, where you work, what you eat, and how healthy you will be.

Let’s grow up and get real

One Love. One II.

SuperSpade Election Guide

Today is Election Day, not for President, but an election day nonetheless where you will probably be voting for millages, school board, or some other offices you may not think really impacts your life, BUT IT DOES! Moreover, have you ever asked someone else who/what you should vote for? If so, then the person you asked probably has garnered the political trust of those in his/her sphere of influence. And if this power is used wisely, then perhaps we could get some better folks in office.

My friend suggested that we develop a trusted list of local endorsers to help people who, for whatever reason, don’t have the time to research voting records, speeches, campaign donations, etc. Do you think this would be helpful, why or why not?

Stay up fam,
Brandon Q.

Columbia’s Nooses: Why racism must be addressed at every opportunity

Cross-posted from Brave New Films Blog.

It is one thing when nooses and other symbols of hate are put in random places: on your car, in your own backyard. It's another thing when nooses are hung somewhere to send a not-so-subliminal message, as they in Jena, LA. However, it is an altogether different and much more scary & sinister animal when nooses are placed at the door of a specific individual.

What the hell is this world coming to? I know it's cool to be overtly racist these days, but wow. I'm know lawyer or constitutional scholar, but this looks like clear and present danger to me. When you lay a knife by someone's bedside while they sleep, you send a message that says "I can and will hurt you." When you get a noose hung on your door at your office, it sends the message that "I hate you and want to do something about it."

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