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Impeach the President: Why not?

Last night, Dennis Kucinich introduced a resolution that included 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. Why no one had the wherewithal to do this earlier is beyond me. Wait, I guess Kucinich did introduce articles of impeachment against Cheney last year, but that resolution didn’t get far.

I met some folks from the Backbone Campaign while in Minneapolis this past weekend. This made me think of them because I doubt that very many House Reps. will have the audacity to stand with Kucinich. I also wonder if any Senators will show support. Three people specifically come to mind here:

  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: She said that impeachment was off the table. Will she stick by this nonsense?
  • John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee: This committee would handle the proceedings, should they take place. Will he challenge Pelosi and live up to his reputation as a protector of the law?
  • Barack Obama, Senator & presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee: Will he go out on a limb and show support for Kucinich’s resolution? If not, will he say why he won’t? My guess is that he’ll make no statement on this, especially not one in support.

What do you think?

Should the House accept Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution? (click to vote Yes or No. Currently 176 people say No (46%) and 207 say Yes (54%))

WIll Barack Obama make a statement in support of Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution? (click to vote Yes or No. Currently 161 people say No (55%) and 131 say Yes (45%))

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Bush touts plan to calm mortgage crisis

Today, President Bush announced a private sector plan to address the mortgage crisis by freezing the subprime mortgage rates of some borrowers. In a speech today outlining the centerpiece of his plan, President Bush said, “We’ve launched a new initiative at the Federal Housing Administration called FHA Secure. This program gives the FHA greater flexibility to offset refinancing to homeowners — to offer refinancing to homeowners who have good credit histories but cannot afford their current payments.”

The focus on helping homeowners with good credit will exclude many of the people who have bad credit and should not have been offered mortgages to begin with. It’s funny how assistance to rich people is deemed essential to growing the economy but government assistance to low-income people is depicted as crippling the economy.

Among the critics of the plan, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow released a press release that said in part, “The President’s announcement today is a good first step, but I believe more action is needed to assist families in danger of losing their homes…we must immediately do everything we can to help families faced with losing their home. I will continue to lead efforts to pass my measure that will relieve families of a tax burden when their lender forgives a part of their mortgage. No one who is faced with losing their home should be faced with an additional tax bill.”

If you are feeling the pain of this mortgage crisis, call this number 24 hrs a day, 1-800-995-4673.

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Bush invokes WWIII

I apologize for being incognito fam. I think the government is trying to shut me down because I have been unable to login to The SuperSpade (for weeks now). Garlin and Steve, thank you for holding me down. In other news, “President Bush says world leaders risk bringing about World War Three if they do not do more to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.” Are we using WWIII now? This to me is scary because it reminds me of the “mushroom cloud” that Condoleezza Rice often invoked.

This fear mongering by Bush and Co. must be confronted with truth, integrity and reason. I have said before that I am worried that Bush has no intention of leaving office and it is talk like this that reminds me why I feel this way. Seriously, when was the last time you heard of a President enter the lame duck stage of his presidency with so much bravado?

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Punk Politics: Why no presidential hopefuls showed up at The Jena 6 rally

Barack Obama came out in support of The Jena 6; he was the first to do so publicly. Hillary Clinton made a statement praising Mychal Bell’s case being thrown out. John Edwards made a statement on the issue. So on the surface, it looks like the democratic presidential wannabes are on the record here.

Let me tell you why this not only insufficient, but it is another example of [democratic] politicians’ lack of backbone on the issues that matter in America.

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Rev. Lennox Yearwood: Democracy while Black

Cross-posted from Brave New Films Blog.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood released a statement today in response to his 10 Sep 2007 arrest.

My role is to make government more transparent to the people, especially people of color.  How am I supposed to convince other African-Americans to come to Capitol Hill to participate in democracy, when Capitol Police will go so far as to jump me when I question my exclusion from a hearing that is open to the public?  We all know what 'driving while Black' is, well I'd call this 'democracy while Black.'"

What is so sinister about the demonizing of dissenting voices is precisely what the Yearwood calls out here: if they make examples of a couple of "unfriendly" visitors, others who share their views will be less likely to speak up or act. Sadly, this draconian, Machiavellian sort of opinion squashing is precisely the goal of today's neo-Conservative.

Minority and marginalized people's fragile will to speak up is too often crushed by these sorts of scare tactics. It is therefore imperative that we use this as yet another reason to drive out these leaders who are neither able nor mature enough to answer questions posed by those who do not share their beliefs.

Clarification: Rev. Yearwood's leg is not broken. The police said that yesterday, but after people were actually able to speak to the Reverend, it was made clear that he instead has severe damage to ligaments in his ankles and is on crutches.

The entire press release is below.

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An update on Rev. Lennox Yearwood’s Arrest

They broke his legs.

Things like this make it hard to convince young & marginalized people to get involved in the political process when they disagree with the establishment. Sadly, this is exactly the goal of Republicans these days.

One Love. One II.

Update & Clarification: Rev. Yearwood’s leg is not broken. The police said that yesterday, but after people were actually able to speak to the Reverend, it was made clear that he instead has severe damage to ligaments in his ankles and is on crutches.