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The Fox News/CBCI Debate is no more

The debate mistake that was to be the Fox News/CBCI debate is cancelled.

A lot of great people made this happen, and we were thrilled to be a part of an effor that demonstrated how a few people caring and acting can destroy disease-ridden partnerships.

On to the next effort.

One Love. One II.


Dennis the Menace & Why it’s Important to Watch Candidates Closely

Many people have never heard of Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic Congressman from Ohio. Kucinich is running for President in 2008, and is considered to be one of the most progressive candidates on the Democratic side. In my view is right on on most of today’s issues: Iraq, the media, health care, and others. I think he did very well in the debate this week. All in all, a guy I’d vote for.

The above reasons are why it troubles me so much that he is SO ABSOLUTELY WRONG about the CBCI/CBC-Fox New Debate Issue. Read More…

A Letter to the [next] President: Don’t participate in CBCI Debates

The SuperSpade has been very involved in the fight to get the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI) to end their partnership with Fox News for their debates, while at the same time helping to convince leading Democratic Presidential candidates not to participate.

Below is an open letter to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards, created by Color of Change, which The SuperSpade has signed officially (along with other Black bloggers). The letter is encouraging the three of them to stand their ground and not participate in the CBCI debates. If you are interested in signing it too, let us know so we can add you to the list.

One Love. One II.

Read More…

Kilpatrick and CBC Institute Still Loves Fox News

If someone insults, consistently insults and hurts you, and does not repent/apologize/beg for forgiveness/something, you probably would not want to do busines with them.

Apparently the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI) doesn’t think this is how one conducts business. That is why they are still going ahead with these debates that they are airing with Fox News. What’s interesting is that the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) itself is split on the issue. Read More…

One by One: Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton decline Fox debate

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama join John Edwards in declining to participate in the debate sponsored by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. So with the top Democratic frontrunners backing out, this debate will have virtually no impact, if at all. Wouldn’t it be funny though if all the Republican Presidential candidates showed up?

Again, why is no one from the CBC not saying anything? Do they even want to sponsor a debate? Their silence is driving me crazy. 

Thanks again to Color of Change and all the other online communities that worked together to put pressure on the candidates to back down from participating in this debate.

 Stay up fam,

 Brandon Q.

Important updates on the Fox/CBC Institute debates

The unfolding drama of the Fox Presidential debates sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute is gaining more traction. Through it all, we at The SuperSpade will sift through the facts and get to the truth. Read More…

Action: Put pressure on the Congressional Black Caucus Institute

What’s up fam,

In lieu of the outrage caused by the agreement reached between the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News to host 2 Presidential debates, I want to direct your attention to a petition being collected by the good folks at Color of Change. The SuperSpade has signed on to the petition as we help to fulfill our mission to helping solve offline problems with online solutions.

The petition reads,

It is wrong for Black leaders to legitimize FOX — a network that calls Black churches a cult, implies that Senator Barack Obama is a terrorist, and uses the solemn occasion of Coretta Scott King’s funeral to call Black leaders “racist.”

The Congressional Black Caucus Institute must end their partnership with FOX, and presidential candidates should reject the FOX debate in favor of the CBC Institute’s CNN debate.

If you agree, click this link to make your voice heard.

Thank you,

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.