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Our very own SuperSpade getting married!!!!

Just wanted to take time out to congratulate my partner in crime and best friend Garlin Gilchrist II as he prepares to get married in Charleston, SC this Saturday. I have known and witnessed G grow into a man who sets his priorities in order and executes with integrity and precision.

For those that don’t know, G and I founded the SuperSpade about three years ago and our blog has opened up so many doors of opportunity (both professionally and personally) as I am sure his lovely soon-to-be wife enjoyed learning about G through the words he was willing to put on record for the world to see. (Action: Winking at Ellen)

Most of the folks that read this blog have met G or I at some event or googled some very specific item that brought you here. And while I haven’t thought about this before, The SuperSpade and all the people we have blessed is the product of an enduring friendship. G, I am proud of you brother and I wish you nothing but happiness, growth, and a fulfilling marriage.

One Love, One II, Brandon Q.

P.S. G, you should re-read the post I wrote about Marriage, Basketball Schedules, and the Off-Arm, it is quite fitting don’t you think? LOL