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SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-30

  • @sarahkatheryn CNN & CSPAN are doing a good job using Twitter at least. #
  • @sarahkatheryn Take online action offline by giving people scalable action steps where the word-of-mouth that happened online continues off. #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-29

  • Barack scared me in the debate when he said: “I believe the Republican Guard of Iran is a terrorist organization.” #
  • Barack scared me in the debate when called Venezuela a “rogue state”. Have you ever heard him say that before? #
  • Barack scared me in the debate when he said the “threat of a nucler Iran to the US” threatened Israel (no mention of US). #
  • Dems scare me talking up war in Afghanistan/Pakistan as acceptable because “that’s who hit us on 9/11”. Weren’t most of the hijackers Saudi? #
  • Rtwt @betterpoints: BETTER Talking Point: The Bailout #
  • @jgilliam good catch. I guess Fundies hate Godless markets. #
  • Why I think Obama lost the debate 😦 #

The Republican quad-fecta

Today, the Democrats managed a quad-fecta (I just made that word up) by creating a space for Republicans to vote against the bail out which allowed them to simultaneously be,

  1. Anti-Bush and make it popular for Republicans to run against Bush economic policies
  2. Appear on the side of the people and seem more populist than Democrats
  3. Republicans can remain stalwarts of the free-market, less regulation ideology that got us in this mess in the first place
  4. Republicans can run against Wall St. which is something I would never see in my lifetime.

I don’t like this bill and the lack of protections for homeowners but if Pelosi felt that she had to do it, why didn’t she tell Bush that she wouldn’t put it up for vote until she secured a certain number of votes from Republicans? And why in the world is the media not hounding McCain for claiming that his presence helped seal the deal when we don’t have a deal!! That is not the type of leadership America needs. Make sure you get out and vote.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

5 Reasons Why Barack Lost the 1st Debate

I co-hosted a Debate Party on Friday night that doubled as a Fundraiser for Barack Obama. The party was fun, the food was delicious, and the people I watched the debate with, including the Bus Chick & people from YES! Magazine and Reclaim the Media, couldn’t have been cooler.

What could have been better was my candidate’s performance. Here’s why this debate was a lost opportunity:

  1. Too much agreement
  2. Posturing on Pakistan & Afghanistan
  3. Nuclear Iran only posing a threat to Israel
  4. Iran’s army is a terrorist organization
  5. Venezuela is a rogue nation

(All the references I make here can be seen in the Debate Transcript, courtesy of the New York Times.)

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SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-27

  • McCain is ENERGY ILLITERATE. As a lifelong Republican, I’m supporting Obama. – Matt Simmons, contributor, Cheney Energy Plan, in Fortune mag #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-26

  • The Dems may actually suprise me and not fold on this #bailout garbage. If they hold, they can ride it all the way to November. #
  • @betterpoints Will either candidate successfully reframe the #bailout in terms of foreign policy/national security? #
  • @AroundHarlem My alternative bailout plan: restitution for slavery. Just a thought…
  • The Fortune with Paulson on the cover has a piece by Geoff Colvin that resurrects the ‘mental rcession’ meme. Wow. #
  • The 29 Sep 2008 Fortune has a Special Advertising Section for Students in Free Enterprise that has a fancy AIG ad touting their “strength”.♠ #
  • @karsh WaMu buyout is done I officially want a new bank. Maybe we should all go the Credit Union route. #
  • @antibullshit Sadly, some (especially Black folks) are so afraid of critiquing Obama that nuances of his policies (not rhetoric) get ignored #
  • @nezua #
  • non-TV people can watch the debate online courtesy of @theyoungturks #
  • @ruby I got that text just now. What’s with the CNN endorsement? #
  • Wow. WaMu CEO, on the job a mere 17 days before the bank failed, got $20M golden parachute. (yes, that is a FOX News link) #
  • Customers thought putting $ under the bed was safer than in a WaMu account. People withdrew $16.7B since 17 Sep, speeding up the meltdown. #
  • @barackobama just sent me a new text message saying that I could watch the debate on whatever channel I want. I feel so liberated. #
  • Why is no one in the #bailout debate talking about regulating ratings agencies that blessed those worthless mortgage-backed securities? #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-09-25

  • Let’s talk reparations. We should have at least $300B to pay restitution for slavery, right? I mean, we got $700B just idly sitting around ♠ #
  • @randomdeanna Support the Progressive. Businesses with solid politics need all the biz they can get. #